bad blood

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bad blood



Семантические свойства[править]


  1. недоброжелательность, враждебность ◆ The government at home, and the people of the colonies, are getting to have bad blood between them. — Правительство находится дома, а народ — в колониях. В итоге между ними имеется враждебность. James Fenimore Cooper, «Wyandotte», 1843 ◆ [T]here was bad blood between us from a couple of weeks back, and we was only friends in the way of business. — Пару недель назад между нами была враждебность и друзьями мы были только с позиции бизнеса. М. Твен, «Tom Sawyer, Detective», 1896 ◆ All those wretched quarrels, in his humble opinion, stirring up bad blood, from some bump of combativeness or gland of some kind, erroneously supposed to be about a punctilio of honour and a flag,
  2. неприязнь ◆ Now for these and other things (whereof I could tell a thousand) was the reckoning come that night; and not a line we missed of it; soon as our bad blood was up. I like not to tell of slaughter, though it might be of wolves and tigers; and that was a night of fire and slaughter, and of very long-harboured revenge. Enough that ere the daylight broke upon that wan March morning, the only Doones still left alive were the Counsellor and Carver.
  3. устар. аморальность ◆ [I]f we dare not search ourselves close enough to discover the low breeding, the bad blood in us, it will one day come out plain as the smitten brand of the forcat. — Если мы осмелимся не найти себя достаточно закрытыми, чтобы понять низкий уровень воспитания и что аморальность в нас, наступит день, когда оно просто придёт как уничтоженный бренд. George MacDonald, «Weighed and Wanting», 1882 ◆ "Humph! Thought there was bad blood somewhere!" he exclaimed. . . . "No!" was the determined answer. . . . Because his father was dishonest is no proof that he is a thief." ◆ She has bad blood in her. Her mother . . . went to pieces, poor dear, and Judge Lawton wisely sent her East.


  1. animosity
  2. blood feud, vendetta




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