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Parameters of the created (parsed) Wiktionary database[править]

The parsed database name: ruwikt20140904_parsed[1]

Table is a name of the table in the database.

Size is a number of records in the table.

The table filled automatically by wikt.stat.ParsedDB of the wiwordik project.

Table Size Table description
page 739261 Number of words / entries
relation 238990 Number of semantic relations, e.g. synonyms, antonyms, etc.
lang_pos 580346 Number of pairs: language & part of speech, one Wiktionary page can contain several such pairs.
wiki_text 623663 Number of meanings / definitions + number of semantic relations phrases (divided by comma, semicolon) + number of wikified translations.
wiki_text_words 763921 Number of wikified words (in meanings / definitions + in semantic relations + in translations).
meaning 478461 Number of meanings, one word can have several meanings / definitions.
inflection 43397 It is extracted from wikified word definitions, e.g. [[normal form|inflection]]
label 3227 Number of unique labels.
label_category 17 Number of categories of context labels.
label_meaning 169724 Number of labels used in meanings / definitions.
label_relation 0 Number of labels used in semantic relations (only in ruwikt).
quote 115344 Number of quotations and examples, one meaning can have several quotes.
quot_translation 13692 Number of translations of quotes (quote in foreign languages can have translation).
quot_transcription 0 Number of transcriptions of quotes.
quot_ref 28698 Number of unique quote references (author, title, year,...).
quot_author 11255 Number of authors of quotes.
quot_year 1180 Number of unique years (and range of years) of quotes.
quot_publisher 1031 Number of publishers of quotes.
quot_source 102 Number of sources of quotes.
translation 42500 Number of translation section boxes (at best: one translation box corresponds to one meaning).
translation_entry 392201 Number of different translations (pairs of translations).


  1. This (or more recent) database would be available at the project site wikokit, see Download section.

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